A diagnosis of any medical ailment such as diabetes, stroke, thyroid, ulcers, acid reflux, etc. can bring along with it a variety of emotions. These include fear, guilt, anger, embarrassment, isolation, loneliness and regret amongst others. Some of them even involve various lifestyle adjustments, which can be extremely stressful. Often an individual may not want to burden their family with their emotions, as they may feel that their problems are not severe enough. However, it is helpful to process these emotions before they develop into something more severe like depression, anxiety, etc. Furthermore, due to stress sometimes these ailments can become more severe themselves.

Counselling and psychotherapy therefore provides a safe environment to a client where they can process and become aware of their feelings. It helps them understand and examine their own thoughts, helps them discover different ways to cope with their diagnosis and the rest of their treatment. Furthermore, the therapist also provides support managing any other difficulties that may arise during treatment.